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  We want a sanitarily clean meal.

 The market of the food service industry is in the development of the culture and the background that it grows together excessively recently.
 So, our company have supplied the goods which were always suitable for the needs of the business world as a special manufacture which manufactured the cooking tool which reached multiple seeds and which sold it to the whole country market in the plastic cutting board for the business, others.

 We request the style which the convenience uses cooking appliances such as the BATTERA type, the TEMAKI SUSHI type and the OMUSUBI Type the link type and so on for more from the cutting board such as the product multi layer cutting board,the antibacterial pure cutting board of the acquaintance which it is possible to use according to the use with "Peel Type Plastic Cutting Board" of the main force product.
 We are waiting for the contact by the owner in the wonderful idea of being done in the sale and purchase hope.